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Team Training Guide

As seen in the Manager Profile Creation sometimes the game groups player attributes. It’s the right time to remember this. In previous editions attributes categories appeared to the user more frequently, so some mechanics were more visible and more intuitive […]

everything happens season

Everything Happens For A Season

Sport as a metaphor. There are a lot of examples out there. If you have a look, they are gorgeously narrated. Instead you’ve landed here and have to put up on this very first post that wants to avoid petty […]

Manager Profile Creation Football Manager Attributes

Manager Profile Creation

You have put comfortable on your seat. You do not know which team to choose, which virtuous and noble identity to call you during the press conferences, how long your hands will avoid the fried potato chips that lie at […]

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FM Reloaded


The Story So Far

Championship Manager 1992

Where it all begins and root of everything. Paul Edward Collyer and Oliver Charles Collyer try to challenge Premier Manager.
The first embryo doesn't have real names and it's criticized for being behind the competitors in the graphics department.

Championship Manager 1992
Championship Manager 93

Championship Manager '93

1.5 version, it retains the core and fills the gaps, updating the obsolete with what it wasn't obviously possible to insert in the 1.0.
Technically on par, it's a name nobody can ignore and joke about.

Championship Manager 2

2.0 means refinement and improvement of a baby.
A baby that's already a beast: multiple leagues, up-to-date implementation of rules, extensive editor, you can find all the trademarks of the series already here.
Rivals are already starting licking their wounds.

Championship Manager 2
Championship Manager 3

Championship Manager 3

The title that establish a dynasty and leaves no doubts about who's the king.
Undisputed match engine, unrivaled database, minor squads, depth of tactic system... full feature-set and with those little details that nobody can oppose any resistance.
Climax is reached with the iconic and legendary Championship Manager: Season 01/02.

Football Manager 2005

Sports Interactive splits from publisher Eidos Interactive and switch to Sega. The legacy continue under the "Football Manager" brand while Miles Jacobson plans to conquer the world. I love Jens Mustermann.

Football Manager 2005
Football Manager 2007

Football Manager 2007

With the intention to aim at more realism, core modules are revamped (scouting system, media and players interactions, newgens algorhytms, pre-match teamtalk). Nice additions like club takeovers slowly transform the immersion in this fictional world. A world where many in planet Earth are lost and they'll never come back. Freddy Adu is 17: all the media are debating how many World Cup of the next decades shall not be played and be automatically assigned to the USA National Team.

Football Manager 2009

3D match engine makes its first appearance and the game is printed on DVD format too.
But I don't care: 2D masterrace.
Oh there are also press conferences, you know.

Football Manager 2009
Football Manager 2012

Football Manager 2012

Miles wrecks all the enemies. Football Manager is a player you can't tackle thanks to a wide range of features, tactic tools and analysis every manager wannabe can't resist to. You can manage Kiribati now!

Football Manager 2013

South Sudan national team available!

Thanks Miles!

Football Manager 2013
Football Manager 2016

Football Manager 2016

Latest editions have explored new ways to enhance immersion, more details and effort on man management and off the pitch tasks.

Many generations have been subdued and absorbed by a fictional football world and ProZone Match Analysis as FM is one of the most successful franchise on Steam. You can't say at the bar you know the new Mike Zonneveld and Tieme Klompe that your friends are already on the new Valentino Lazaro, already mainstream of course.

At 26, Adu is already bored to win everything every year and decides to become a Football Ambassador around the world. He has already illuminated countries like Portugal, Greece, France, Turkey, Brazil, Serbia and Finland.

Football Manager 2099

Football doesn't exist anymore. Football Manager is the new Football. According to stats, it's officially the most popular sport in the world as the Finals are followed by 15000 fans around the globe on Gaben platform. The Mayor of Planet Earth, Miles, announce a new space program. Todorov Missile will departure from Everton Space Center in an attempt to help the Moukoko to study the Sigþórsson effect. The Mantorras crisis is just a vague memory, Cherno Samba is the number one hit of the summer.


Champions League finals I've lost due to a 48 meters lob free kick.
Useless, overrated U20 players you bought just today that won't make it to your first team
Times you said "I'm done with FM"
Times you have yelled at Miles today

Music Zone

Ever seen Pogba get off from the bus before a match? Ever wondered what he's listening to with his boomed headphones?


Perreo. Bachateo. Romantico.

Tap Tap Bass that makes Boricuas shake, you can find his roots in Panama's 70s. If you hear some Jamaican influence, that's because they've brought it there. Adopted by Puerto Ricans, when the Dem-Bow drops in it's capable to fill the dance floors and to be a club banger with his sexual provocative lyrics and the best influences of Dancehall, Merengue, Bachata, Salsa and Vallenato.

You've probably heard it in "Oye Mi Canto", you have definitely heard it thanks to the worldwide popular anthem "Gasolina". The pop phenomenon is leaving his roots, the underground urban youth home to gain consensus in the middle and upper classes. A reintepretation of reggae en español, it's probably the most contaminated Latin genre, fact represented by the gaining awareness in the United States.

Latin & Caribbean

Salsa, Bachata, Merengue...

...are just some examples of different genres that have evolved in different variations and sub-genres.
Afro-Caribbean rhythms, Cuban melodies, Jazz elements, African percussion, modern electronic arrangements, energetic grooves to party don't miss for sure. If you are for more intimate and romantic performances to share with someone special, a four-step bachata or a two-step merengue, this is where they best excel at though: there's no better choreography then holding each other together.

Don't make the error to underestimate them: if you try to identify pop Latin music, salsa's percussion and clave are probably the first thing you'll think about.

Rap & Hip Hop

I said a hip hop, hippie to the hippie, the hip, hip a hop, and you don't stop.

You might have more affinity with MCing, scratching or breaking. Regardless of your tastes and flava, you are part of a family that embraces artists like Grandmaster Flash, Notorious BIG, Rakim, KRS One, Jay-Z, Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Tupac, Diddy, Eminem, latest J.Cole and Drake. Unlimited words, unlimited rhymes, unlimited beats and remixes to dance at the club. Don't make the mistake to consider this genre young, breeds can be found 100 years ago. Every day someone's producing a beat, every day someone's rapping over it: hip hop you don't stop.

Gangsta. Check. Guns. Check. Drugs. Check. Love Affairs. Check. Politics. Check. Swag. Check.

Electronic Dance Music

Call it EDM. Don't call it EDM.

Techno, Trance, Acid House, Hardcore, Industrial, Progressive, Goa, House, Dubstep.
Or simply a Black Eyed Peas track.
30 years of bass and keyboards, still on the edge, still in the clubs as the rave has penetrated pop culture. And your home playlist.

Once upon a time we used to dance to Donna Summer, now it's time for synthesizers, sequencing, sampling and huge crowds. There's a big success in a chart? There's a EDM version out there for sure.