Manager Profile Creation

Manager Profile Creation Football Manager Attributes

You have put comfortable on your seat.

You do not know which team to choose, which virtuous and noble identity to call you during the press conferences, how long your hands will avoid the fried potato chips that lie at a distance such that even the Hawk-Eye and Goal Line Technology together aren’t able to distinguish. You count on doing everything by instinct, as you have always done.

You miscalculated.

What it happens is that you start a new game just to find yourself within a forest dark of numbers, for the straightforward pathway had been lost. The process to create your alter ego will require some more details, nothing earth-shattering, but it’s better to clear the ideas.


manage profile creation


In the first screen, there’s the usual basic personal information page. You can fill the form blind. Apparently.

Name, surname, date of birth and place of birth are formalities. It could be that some info will provide a different sentence here and there or a few particular during press conferences, but no need to describe further.

Favorite team? Consider the fact that it can affect when you apply for a job. If you apply for your favorite team, it might be that there is a small bonus. Consider too that the opposite effect might hit if it is a rival of the team that you entered here. Just details anyhow as there are no official information about it. As the rest of the game.

Let me spend a few lines on nationality instead.


manager profile creation 02manager profile creation 03manager profile creation 04manager profile creation 05

Here’s something that is not known to most of you.
Each nationality is associated with one or more languages. Your manager will assume the knowledge of all of them immediately at the time when the selected.
I.e. an Italian coach will have only the Italian language. And if you think that every nationality has only one language associated, you couldn’t be more wrong. You can take advantage of the system to be master of many different languages.

As you can see:
– Danish nationality attaches Danish, English, German, Norwegian, Swedish.
– Portuguese nationality attaches ​​Portuguese, Spanish, English.
– Swiss nationality attaches German, Italian, French, English.

You can have a primary and a secondary nationality, thus combining both such as those indicated above – note, primary or secondary makes no difference – you can cover a lot of the main European countries.

Why is it useful?

It facilitates the adaptability of the players, less malus with players coming from other nations and that can share one of your languages and then a few more chances that the newcomer does not suffer in the new country.
Be more attractive and marketable for abroad teams.
Do not suffer adaptation and do have less malus when you train in other countries, since you already know the language.

Not to forget, your nationality is a primary factor when it comes to coach a national team. Some federations are more likely to give the role to foreign coaches, others are more conservative and foreigners are a second choice on the list.
This year there is the possibility to enter three more favorite teams. Nice feature, especially because you can have favorite teams in different leagues.

manager profile creation 06
The preferred formation is not a crucial option, could have a weight when applying for a job, but as you play the profile is updated and reflects your most used deployment in recent matches, so if you choose immediately a team to coach it’s not that relevant.

Let’s focus on the other individual languages section, option introduced to avoid the abuse of the above described mechanic in order to have more skills.
If you wanted to be Italian with some other languages, it wasn’t previously possible and you had to switch to Swiss and to use abuse of it because of the limits of the implementation. Now you can stay true to your home country without having to commit the crime of high treason.

Next, the social network and team selection, nothing to describe here, right? And we get to the real deal.


Guide Manager Profile Creation Attributes Football Manager

Here’s where you can mix your attributes, sorted by major categories as Tracksuit Manager, representative of the ones who know how to work with the players on the pitch, and Tactical Manager, to indicate the qualities of the one capable of resolute off the pitch management.

The certifications and experience will provide plenty of points to be assigned: if you want to define a level of difficulty for your initial game here is where you can define it.
A poorly trained and not experienced coach, in addition to not having the skills to unleash the potential of the players, has to earn the esteem and respect of high-profile players from the start. He has granted far fewer errors, less time to recover and get the trust, and the locker room does not recognize the authority that is given to another with higher reputation. It is when you have to overcome your first problems and the situation is more unstable than expected that perhaps you’ll regret the choices that you have done here.

  • Tracksuit Manager
  • Attack: affects the ability to coach the offensive aspects of the game.
    Or those under the heading Attack in training.
  • Defense: affects the ability to coach the defensive aspects of the game.
    Or those under the heading Defense in training.
  • Fitness: affects the ability on the physical preparation in training.
    Or the physical attributes of the training section.
  • Goalkeepers: affects the ability to prepare goalkeepers in training.
    Or Goalkeeping attributes in training.
  • Tactics: affects the ability to coach the tactical aspects of the game.
    Or Tactical attributes of the training section.
  • Technique: affects the ability to train the technical aspects of the game.
    Or Technical attributes of the training section.
  • Mental: affects the ability to prepare the mental characteristics in training.
    Or Mental attributes of the players.
  • Work with youngsters: affects the ability to train young players.
    That is how good he is to get Under-18 players as close as possible to their maximum potential.
  • Tactical Manager
  • Adaptability: affects the possibility that a manager can find work abroad.
    How much attractive you are to foreign teams and how likely that you receive proposals or that your application abroad is considered.
  • Determination: influences the ability of a manager to persuade the ownership; requests from someone less determined will be rejected with more ease.
    Already well explained. Affect the ability of a manager to assert themselves, and be granted any submitted requests during conversation and negotiation with ownership management
  • Player knowledge: affects the default knowledge of first team players.
    Affect the default knowledge and the ability to assess first team players, especially when you are new to the team and didn’t see them play much.
  • Knowledge youth: affects the default knowledge of young players.
    Affect the default knowledge and the ability to assess Under 18 players.
  • Level of discipline: influences the likelihood that a player will communicate his concerns; with a strict manager, players will be less likely to raise issues of lesser importance.
    Well explained too, let’s move on an example. A manager with an higher attribute will have players who complain less often for reasons like not having much playing time, team has been weakened as a result of some players sales, or a demand for a wage increase or renewal of the contract.
    From another point of view, in the same situation for one of the reasons mentioned above, the manager with the higher attribute is less likely to receive the visit of the unhappy player than the one with a lower level of discipline.
  • Man management: affects the ability to manage training and general interaction with the players.
    Precisely the propensity to manage favorably the locker room, training, and individual interactions with individual players.
  • Motivating: impact on the ability of the manager to motivate his players with team talks and meetings.
    Affect your ability to motivate your players with team talks and meetings, as simple as that.

In training, along with the members of your staff, you can decide which sector you should train the player to in person, so the quality that you get will depend on the choices you make here. Level of discipline and motivation have an importance as well when it comes to the training of the players on the field. If you notice the same category has a higher or lower rating than expected, the reason could be that.

While distributing attributes, please remember:

  • Attack: Attack, Tactics
  • Ball control: Technical, Mental
  • Defense: Defense, Tactics
  • Fitness: Aerobic, Strength
  • Tactics: Tactics
  • Shooting: Technique, Tactics

Be a specialist in one or two types is the most convenient strategy.
Specialize and maximize few defined areas looks as the best solution as it allows to have always someone of your staff (yourself) with great coaching abilities in something. On high level teams you can easily afford a large staff that grants you specialists in (almost) every area with an adequate workload. And you are just one of these specialists.
Mental can be considered apart and with higher priority: you can not exclude that, while covering the whole set of mental attributes, it’s a super partes category that allows you to have a constant bonus on all players.
It’s not just a detail, as you can benefit of any of all the other categories only if you are actively training them.
If you specialize in Goalkeeping, points spent only make sense if you coach goalkeepers and you have to remember that it only affect the few players playing in this role.

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